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Jerry's List
My older brother, Jerry, lives in Port Richey, Florida.  Upon seeing this web site, he created his own list of people that he recalled, and was "looking for." 

He went to Lincoln High School and hung out with a lot of friends who lived by Mark Twain and McLean Avenues.  Also, these people are a year or two older than the Sherwood Park crowd I hung around with, but many of us knew these people, too.

Rather than integrate his list with mine, I figured I would publish it here, with basically the same request: if you know any of these folks, don't hesitate tom post in the forum, or guestbook, or drop us a line at youryonkers@yahoo.com.      -JFC

David Amodeo
Barbara Balog
Dennis Buckley
Linda Chapins
George Diaz
Mr. Peter Diaferia (English teacher Lincoln H.S. circa late sixties)
Denis Di Dinato, as of March, 2008, was living in Yonkers, with his wife, Dale Brewster.
Walter Drago
Carl Fannelli
Mrs. Barbara Friedman (retired Yonkers school teacher)
Thomas Gencarelli
Lou Grandemenico
Paul Habberman
Sherry Helfand
Tommy Henvey (Yonkers Bd. of Ed.?)
Mike Hershchuk
Eileen Hudson
Johnny & Marilyn Kocher
Randy Kundmueller
Arleen LaMotta
Gary LaMotta
Billy Le Vinnes
Billy Levy
Mark Massello
John McGrail
Andy Morvillo
Bruce Nickel (retired Yonkers Police dept?)
Joanne Olsson
Linda Panzera
Peter Pappas
Thomas Poveromo
Barbara Pugliese
Jimmy Reeves
Ralph Reynolds
Margeret Roy (retired Yonkers school teacher)
Richard Sica
Matthew Tuffarelli
Johnny Vachna
Al Viafore, as of March, 2008, was living in Tuckahoe, with wife Marcia Contreras
Larry Wilson
Mr. Phillip Yellin (retired Yonkers school teacher)
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